UK Polythene for Home and Office

Flexothene are thinking about you and your business every day. The industry in the UK is robust and not showing any signs of slowing in the future. UK residents, like populations around the world, have taken to using polythene products for a number of transporting and packaging solutions.

We produce polythene products that meet UN resolutions and the standards set by European legislation regarding composition of acceptable packaging tools. From the simplest of products like packaging and sealing tapes to complex packaging solutions that can call for tubes or heavily covered, all weather protection sheets for industrial equipment, Flexothene have the solutions.

The UK polythene industry is gaining international attention for its research and development projects, e.g. inventing additives to be added during the production process that increases performance and usability. These additives have helped transform previously environmentally unfriendly products to environmentally friendly products (just take a look at eco-plastic Excelothene) that are biodegradable or compostable. This is a large step for the industry and has put the UK industry on the international trade map.

Basic Products

Flexothene provide a large array of products for personal or bulk use by businesses. Interestingly, our stock can be supplied in Virgin food grade, for general purpose and in regran. The basic list of polythene products or polythene products with biodegradable additives include:

In addition to cultivating new manufacturing processes and new environmentally friendly technology, we have also refined our standard product lines to include multi-purpose and durable packaging solutions. Residence and businesses can draw from these expanded products:

All these products are available for small or bulk orders. We live in a world that relies heavily on polythene products. Marketers print their logos and their banner on bags, supermarkets use to distribute and receive goods. Hospitals use polythene products to collect, transport and destroy harmful waste.

Polythene is a marketerís dream

Marketing is one advantage polythene bags offer. Businesses can build a reputation with their signature bags. Many retailers believe this to be a real marketing advantage. Next time you are out and about, create a visual list of the polythene bags you see being used in diverse application. You will then understand why the UK polythene industry is at the top of the class.

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Also, please see our full range of general purpose packaging supplies.