Plastic & Polythene Recycling

Plastic and Polythene RecyclingWith scrap and waste polythene prices fluctuating all the time it may be worth us giving you a price for your redundant stock that is collecting dust in your racking.

Our reprocessing system uses some of the most advanced technology and is constantly monitored for quality. From start to finish all reprocessed material undergoes rigorous checking. Used is a three stage, food grade metal detection system at various points throughout the production line. Starting with manual segregation to fully automotive lines.

Numerous filtering and sieving systems are also in place to eliminate any non-metal contaminants. We have also developed a washing and drying plant which even enables us to reprocess heavily soiled waste plastics.

Plastics like polythene can present a greater challenge than materials such as glass or metal when it comes to recycling; plastic must be heated and have its impurities and contaminants carefully filtered out. This is especially important when dealing with food-grade polythene.

This is why we manage the challenge with our complex recycling process and is why we are experts in dealing with polythene and plastics.

Why Should You Be Recyling Your Plastic & Polythene?

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