Polythene Stretch Film

Polythene stretch film is one of the most used packaging solutions available. Due to its strength, cost, and workability, it is incredibly effective at securing goods, boxes and products during transportation. This is most commonly seen in pallet transportation, although stretch wrap is used in a wide range of applications.

The numerous benefits of using stretch film to secure goods to pallets include:

Stretch wrap can be applied to a pallet in a number of ways, including hand wrappers (a handheld device which feeds the stretch film as it is wrapped around the cargo, or semi-automatic stretch wrappers, which wrap the cargo with less manual input. Turntable wrappers will spin the pallet and cargo whilst applying film; Orbital wrappers feed the cargo into an vertical rotating ring that applies the film; Rotary arm wrappers apply film with rotating arms.

Automatic pallet wrappers are also available, which use a conveyor belts to wrap cargo on a production line without the need for manual input.

We can supply polythene stretch film for a wide range of applications and products. For more information, please contact our sales team on 01388 773 414 or sales@flexothene.co.uk

We also supply a range of polythene packaging supplies, including carbon neutral polythene.