Penchmanís Polythene Discovery

Hans von Penchman discovered polythene in the 19th century. The scientist accidentally found the compound while heating Diazomethane (CH2N2), another of his inventions. Originally, Penchman dubbed the product polymethylene. Over time, the substance came to be called polythene.

Penchmanís plastic discovery struggled for identity for more than one hundred years until 1933 when Eric Fawcett and Reginald Gibson conducted an experiment using oxygen contaminated ethylene/benzaldehyde. The result was a white, waxy surface. Two years later, Michael Perrin, another scientist, found a way to reproduce the waxy substance. Perrinís discovery paved the way for mass production of the most popular packaging tool in the shipperís repertoire.

Striding to the future

The UK polythene industry has made tremendous strides in allowing polythene to be used for multiple purposes. Now the flexible and durable substance is used for, many household and commercial applications. When you see those big railroad cars toting heavy equipment and covered and strapped down with heavy duty protectors, the shields and binding materials are derivatives of what your supermarket uses to distribute its products. Those big, imposing sheets are a heavy duty version of the bags you use to line your wastebasket.

And manufacturers like Flexothene are responsible for inventing manufacturing processes that accommodate all these diverse uses. The UK industry is among the global leaders in developing new additives to make our products biodegradable and/or compostable.

Machine or hand stretch for the perfect seal

Machine stretch film and hand pallet stretch film are two of the popular uses of polythene for industrial packaging. As implied, these products can be stretched by hand or machine to snugly fit and hold in place heavy duty equipment. In effect, the packager is creating a weather resistant cover that is extremely durable and up to severe weather conditions.

We also supply commercial buyers with polythene cutting and trimming equipment. The operative word here is functionality. Flexothene are determined to make packaging a manageable solution to allow goods to be transported from one location to another with harming the integrity of the light or heavy good. When polythene manufacturers can no longer make that representation, a proud industry will become history.

There is not one day that goes by that each of us does not see, touch or feel a polythene-based product. The UK is fortunate to have some of the greatest manufacturers in the world. Aided with new technologies and new manufacturing equipment, the manufacturers have addressed national environmental concerns and developed entire lines of biodegradable and compostable products. Due to a strong export presence, the manufacturers must not only comply with the specifications set by the UN but also by the specs created by the European Union. For the little and big chores we accomplish each day, we should all thank Hans von Penchman, the inventor of polythene.

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