Polythene Products are Multi-Purpose

Polythene bags have become a staple of home and office. Retailers, food chains and homeowners have made the polythene bag a very useful carrying and packaging tool. Polythene has proven to be extremely flexible yet durable, a winning combination by any standards.

We all use polythene bags of some sort. That is the beauty of UK polythene manufacturers. They go about their business providing us with new environmentally friendly products and heavy-duty products on a daily basis.

Clinical Polythene Bags

One of the most important uses of polythene bags is in the field of medical waste. These bags are called clinical bags. If you have spent any time at a doctor’s office or in the hospital, you have definitely seen these heavy duty products.

They are yellow, heavy duty bags that bear a warning, “Clinical Waste for Incineration Only.” UK polythene manufacturers have produced these bags to comply with the United Nations bill UN3291 and with Europe’s legislation regarding collection, transport and disposal of appropriate wastes. These important bags are generally brought in bulk and are available in either boxes or rolls.

Clinical bags are used by physicians, hospitals, health clinics veterinarians and specialist waste collection businesses. These bags have helped keep hospitals safe and have shielded patients and staff from the risks that waste presents.

Grow Your Brand With Polythene Bags

Polythene bags have also been used to expand a company’s brand. Colourul bags that bear a printed message and/or logo are the retailer’s best friend. These polythene bags make a statement about the retailer and the quality of the product. UK polythene manufacturers fill custom orders every day.

One of the important initiatives that polythene manufacturers in the UK have addressed is making their products more sustainable. This commitment has led to the discovery of additives that when added to the polythene formula makes the bags biodegradable and compostable. Just as importantly, polythene manufacturers are implementing serious recycling initiatives.

UK polythene manufacturers produce more than bags. They also manufacture products that are used for shipping. In fact, polythene packaging products are a staple of the shipping industry. Polythene tubes and coverings are used for both small and large, industrial shipping in addition to mass shipping enterprises.

In addition to their new product developments, most UK polythene manufacturers have purchased new technology-based equipment. This equipment is designed to reduce the carbon footprint. Because of these manufacturing alterations, UK polythene manufacturers continue to produce bags for export and for use in the UK. The polythene industry is an important component in the country’s export-import balance. Buying polythene products built in the UK also helps the industry add jobs, a much needed pursuit.

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