Biodegradable and Compostable Polythene Bags

Challenging Environmental Issues with Eco Polythene

UK polythene manufacturers have used innovation to meet the challenge of an industry with real environmental issues. The number of polythene bags used by the global population is almost beyond comprehension. If you look at polythene bags, of which there are numerous types, they look harmless enough. They have an expansive range of uses across the globe.

The biggest challenge that polythene manufacturers have addressed is not a lack of demand but rather the development of new manufacturing guidelines that emphasize environmentally friendly production. Manufacturers have responded by developing new weapons in the fight to save the environment.

Some alternative products have been developed and recycling efforts are extending the life of previously purchased bags. The polythene manufacturers have also developed new products, like the compostable bag or the biodegradable bags. If you are concerned about the planet our grandchildren will inherit, using these bags is of great importance.

Typically, these are the most common types of polythene bags manufactured in the UK.

Biodegradable Polythene Bags

Biodegradable polythene bags film begin to become biodegradable with exposure to heat or light. These bags are usually lightweight and can be coloured to the client’s choice. It should be understood that adding colour to biodegradable bags will necessitate more time for the bag to break down. If the purchaser opts to use the biodegradable bags over time, they simply need to be stored in a cool area that is often dark.

Manufacturers have developed additives that can be used in the manufacture of biodegradable bags. This additive encourages the breakdown of polythene through a natural progression. Once the decomposition process begins, it cannot be reversed. When the molecular weight of polythene is compromised, the film can be consumed by microorganisms found in soil.

Compostable polythene bags

UK manufacturers have also developed compostable bags, sacks and liners. Compostable bags are geared for heavier loads than biodegradable bags and they serve a number of important purposes. These bags can be purchased in rolls or loose in boxes.

Purchasers can acquire compostable bags in a choice of colours and can also request a printed message. The gauge and dimensions of the bag are decided by the purchaser.

UK polythene manufacturers have worked diligently to provide environmentally friendly solutions. Carbon footprints are being reduced in accordance with industry standards. Now you know why a bag is not always a bag. Biodegradable and compostable polythene bags represent a concerted effort by UK polythene manufacturers to do the right thing, the green thing, for the planet.

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